Stealing a moterbike

I had a discussion about this exact video with someone earlier today. I'm not sure anyone needs to get shot over a motorcycle but they for sure would have been running the moment they saw a 12ga sticking out of the window. What happens when these guys get pissed off and decide to come inside? 4 or more criminals wearing helmets and riding gear vs one or two unarmed people in the house would be a bad situation.

People say "Oh that's a one in a million chance." That doesn't make it any more or any less likely it could happen to you or your family. If they disarm the responsible legal gun owners how is one supposed to defend their home against people that clearly have zero concern with the law after kicking your door in? Weapons will still exist regardless of what a piece of paper says. It's a difficult debate with no right or wrong IMO but people should be able to choose how they want to defend themselves and their family. Just having your house burglarized while you're away from home gives you such a deep horrible feeling of being violated. Imagine having someone in your home while you're there.

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