SteamVR hands-on: Valve overtakes Oculus

Yeah, I imagine seeing this technology more at an arcade than in my home. With that, though, I'm imagining they can include more costly yet more engaging features. For example:

*The clutter free area with an omnidirectional treadmill we already know we need *Sensors on every part of the body for full body tracking *Fans set up around the treadmill to simulate open areas, breath of large creatures, etc. *This will take the most to explain...I remember seeing a pen on a joystick that simulated textures, impact, fluid viscosity, weight, etc. of what was on screen. It would either be harder to move or easier to move based on the item being interacted with. I imagine that on a larger scale. Haptic/Force feedback on your limbs and body telling you what you're interacting with. Everything would need a collision box programmed in and an intense system running the game to keep track of it all...but we're talking about businesses who can spend the extra money consumers can't. There would be a force limit installed for safety. Though you are trapped behind a door in the game and the suit lets you press up against it, with a little extra force you can push through the feedback (not the door). We don't want anybody getting locked up and dying in a fire at the arcade. *And while I'm building a fantasy VR, a wire system supporting the player, connected to motors so the player can be pulled up and around. Come to a rock-face? Haptic feedback suit lets you grab a ledge, expend a little force, and the pulley system pulls you up a little. Then it lowers you back down to never be more than a few inches off the ground. We don't want you getting hurt.

I know some of these things aren't easily feasible. This requires a specific game with so much extra stuff programmed in, and it has some safety concerns. But it doesn't hurt to consider the possibilities.

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