[Stories] Redditors who remember their first dates, how did it go, what happened?

My first date with my wife was NOT romantic, but it was awesome. I was at a bar with two friends, one of which I had slept with on and off, and she was there on a blind date. We'll call them Chris and Lisa. I had made it clear that I was not interested in a relationship with Lisa and she claimed she was cool with it. I think we all know how that went. So my future wife's blind date went south. She claims he was lame and torpedoed it on purpose but I choose to believe she saw me and was overcome by desire. So anyways he leaves and she has a bucket of beers sitting there to drink by herself. She drops by my table, while Lisa is conveniently in the bathroom, and offers me and my buddy a free beer. I have a moral obligation never to refuse free beer and she's hot. So after about five minutes I suggest we three merry few go join her at her table. This idea flies like a lead balloon with my two friends who immediately see my thought process.

Anyway me having had a couple tequila shots, I decide that I'm going anyway. Chris and Lisa come with because Lisa is immediately jealous and Chris doesn't want to sit by himself. Poor Chris really gets the shaft here. Well actually my future wife gets the shaft, but that's a bit later. So we hit it off and are flirting quite a bit. Lisa gets very jealous and seriously pissed. I can kinda empathize but in my defense I did make it explicitly clear that I didn't want a relationship and she didn't have to stick around. Eventually she realizes her flirting isn't going anywhere and she decides to leave with Chris. At one point she tried to just sit on my lap and make out with me and I was not having it. She tries to pick a fight with my future wife but lucky for her Chris shuffles her out the door. My wife is not to be trifled with, she actually scares me sometimes. So we go back to her place and proceed to puts some footprints on the ceiling in a night that can only be described as awesome. Here comes the best part.

So the next morning we wake up and I realize with horror that my truck is at Lisa's parents house. We all met there the night before and rode in Chris' car because he was the DD. Monumental screw up on my part. So she drives me there, I write down my number for her and hop out. As she's driving away and I'm stumbling towards my truck she yells "WALK OF SHAME HA HA!!" out the window. Then to top it all off before I can drive away Lisa beelines it out the front door and into my truck to have a chat. That was a fun conversation. That afternoon I got a text from my now wife and it went from there. Best train wreck of my life. That woman has stuck by me through some pretty rough times.

TL;DR: Met my wife in a bar while drinking with my fuck buddy and hilarity ensues.

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