I've only had low priority two times, but the last time I did, here's what happened;

Someone on my team randomed and got SS, which he didn't really feel like playing. I accepted because I was thinking of trying out the hero (which I hadn't done yet in ranked), and we swapped so he could get something he wanted.

I didn't get destroyed mid, I managed to last hit properly. But when I started trying to gank and stuff, I got DESTROYED. It wasn't a pretty sight. I found the hero clunky, had trouble using his abilities efficiently, it was just horrid. I became an easy target and even when trying to farm away from fighting, they targeted me to feed on. I ended up at 1-8 25mins in and I really wasn't having fun. So instead of forcing my team to suffer through 20 additional minutes of shit, I told them I'd just abandon and save them the time (or give them more gold if they wanted to try finishing). It was their choice, but at least they wouldn't have a liability running around the map.

Game asked me if I wanted to abandon. I did. And I got auto-placed in low priority. Fair enough. But in the mean time we get queued with people who are so toxic that they feed couriers for 15 minutes because they didn't get mid. They deliberately dive towers. They bait their team mates into fights to then leave them alone after initiation to then flame them. We get people who hide in the jungle and inform the opponents of their team's whereabouts to make sure they not only play 4v5 but also have an informational disadvantage.

I even got in a match, at some point, where the guy wasn't content to fuck everyone else on his team before getting an abandon (which thankfully he did). He even fed HIS OWN TEAM MATES when they disconnected, basically fucking up their KDA ratios even more. This is next-level mental disorder. And we're forced to spend nearly an hour of our time with these people.

Morale of the story? This game's entire banning system is fucked up. I'd MUCH rather have someone abandon the game from the getgo so we can all leave without wasting 30 minutes of our lives instead of seeing assholes ruin a collective 2 hours of people's time because their time has no worth. I don't even understand how working adults can accept to suffer through this toxic shit, ever.

Right now my DOTA's uninstalled and removed from my Steam. I love the game in theory, I really do. I love trying out new builds or hero combinations. But this community is insane and we really, really need to find a better system to reduce the toxicity. Because otherwise we won't be able to compete with LoL at all. It's just too toxic, even in ranked. It's absolutely insane. At least RIOT's implemented some tools for the community to police itself.

So not just AFK kick. What we need is a kick option, full-stop, and a surrender option as well, post-25 minutes. I don't care if the kick option is getting abused. To be REALLY honest I'd rather get kicked by a 4stack for no good reason and then go on with my life than be imprisoned in-game with people with mental disorders. The point is that people's time has value and as long as this isn't addressed, Valve is losing money. I know I stopped buying stuff when I realized I was helping support a completely dysfunctional community system.

Volvo pls. Fucking fix this shit.

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