Is suicide a rational decision to act upon if one's life circumstances are bound to get intolerable with given time?

There are some community colleges that have on campus housing. I'm in the same situation as the very low GPA and low learning but community college is an option. I get caught up in the fact that I'm dumber than everyone else and since I'm not going away to college I'm a failure. In reality I know next year I'll forget all about the people who left and will be happy I'm saving money by going to a community college. If you're really worried about not going away for college and think you're a failure because of it you should check out community colleges that have dorms. And community colleges have direct transfers to 4 year universities. Your life is not over it's what you do from here on that matters. And you dont need college to be successful! It's not the end all be all. Just because you struggle in a one size fits all environment that high school is doesn't mean you cant grow somewhere else.

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