Switch-up Saturday: Roleplaying

I play on the mighty Moon Guard. Feel free to ask me questions. I have -stories- about some shit.

I started off on a medium pop PvP server in BC, and was ganked so much I was literally unable to level my priest and actually quit for a couple weeks before my friends convinced me to come back. I played Vek'nilash (PVE). I then played VeCo, which is RP-PVP. That was extremely fun world PVP! I played Proudmoore and raided my ass off in LK, then moved to MG in early Cata where I was super casual. Also, Cata was terrible, etc. I'd been RPing on other games before. I RP'd in Pandaria, but I raided a shitload and kind of burnt myself out. Being full mythic before 6.0 was fully worth it, though. :3

My RP main is a human priestess who specializes in healing and stitching up the Ebon Blade. She's generally awkward, paranoid, and falls down a lot. She's also extremely partial to bean buns. Being small and weird, she's usually well received.

My other fave to RP is my human mage, an unafflicted Gilnean. She's a gold digging, bastard child, doomskank who killed her half siblings because WHY NOT BRUH? After accidentally freezing herself in a block of ice for a few years, the Cataclysm freed her. She's now hoping everyone conveniently forgets she killed three people and does her best to avoid Gilnean authority figures. She's a baker and also kind of an evil bitch. She is fun to RP. If you ever want your wedding ruined or someone killed via muffin, please, contact me.

I like serious RP, but I am especially partial to snark and satire. Things I dislike are Mary Sues, Gary Stus, God moders, and not separating OOC from IC. If our characters disagree about something, it doesn't mean you should be a dick to me. You are not Guy McHero the paladin IRL. I am serious.

And I feel the need to say this every time, because it never seems to get through anyone's head: Goldshire =/= Moon Guard. Goldshire, is in fact, mostly trial accounts from other realms hoping to get their rocks off. The Moon Guardians who do frequent Goldshire are generally not part of the main community. Moon Guard's general consensus of Goldshire is "ಠ_ಠ". Otherwise, great community!

Do not be that one dude/sis who's like "OMG A MOON GUARDIAN!11" in LFR. HOLY SHITTY FUCKING SHIT, I'M ON MOON GUARD? Jesus Christ, I didn't know, thank you so much. I was fucking confused?? I thought this was Area 52?? Fuck. Wow. The clarity.

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