Sydney Daily Random Discussion - March 05, 2020

What a shitty week. After Puss passed away (and after several vet trips) we were left pretty broke. The day after she passed, the alternator and battery in our car died as I was heading up off the spit bridge. Managed to get to a side street and get a new battery put in. Then I realise the alternator is dead. Managed to make it home but can't afford a new alternator until next week.

Gotta go shopping today, and the other half needs female hygiene products, here's hoping the local coles isn't out. I guess there are several chemists nearby too, so hoping I can find some.

So now to walk a couple of KM in the rain to the shops and back

I spent the last few days taking apart the car to remove the alternator, and then thankfully a local auto electrician was happy to test my alternator for free so I could tell it was broken and not repairable (for cheaper than a replacement), after walking 3km with an 8kg alternator in a backpack.

To make things even more fun, I saw on Instagram stories that a person who has owed me $500 for almost 4 months is on a first-class flight to a high paying job somewhere. Good for you mate!

Ah freelance life, I guess it's character building.

On the bright side there have been a few enquiries the last few days, so hopefully, they become bookings and we can get the car back on the road. Least we have enough date roll to last a bit.

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