Jews have been promoting degeneracy to keep the "goyim" occupied while they run the worlds financial system, and they make sure everybody is chasing shiny coins for their whole life existence. The Internet and social media are creating a world of thoughtless, self-absorbed retards, who cannot think for themselves. Although the internet is full of very useful information and a few great online communities, the world would be better of without it. The internet is mostly used as a tool to promote pornographic degeneracy and degenerate meme's (black lives matter, negro culture, sjws, marxism, drugs, cuckolding, feminism) to keep the "goyim" occupied. These meme's are promoted to make them think a certain (wrong) way that will essentially brainwash them, and keep them from thinking for themselves, so therefore they will mindlessly serve their "masters" and destroy their own culture without even realizing it. The movement of Frankism seems to be when modern Jew's really started to promote degeneracy, Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank both promoted degenerate behavior and tried to normalize it. Jews are essentially promoting degenerate behavior so that their "God" will return and be fully restored. They think if they get the "goyim" to do horrible and depraved things that their "God" will return, so therefore they believe sins to be holy and will bring the restoration of "God" to the world sooner. This is why Jews are so heavily involved in Hollywood, pornography, drug-distribution, cultural marxism, feminism, music industry. They use things such as movies, music and pornography to encourage the "goyim" to do depraved and degenerate things. You are being used as a tool to destroy your own race and culture, open up your eyes and look around at the crumbling world in-front of you, Open up your mind and finally learn to think for yourself, never be afraid to go deeper down the rabbit-hole.

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