Talentless blob

Everything that you listed requires about 1 hour a day of practice - not watching youtube videos about it, not reading about it, but actually doing the practice - for a year to get into the intermediate level of the hobby. In 2 years you'll be a the expert level. You won't be a master or doing any of those things at the professional level for years, if ever, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy doing them.

For college, during the first semester, if you spend 2 hours per day studying for each hour you are in class you will pass. Probably less time is needed for studying, but 2 hours is for guaranteed success. You can adjust your hours studying after you've completed your first semester and learned how to go to college.

Your problem isn't the hobbies , talent, or brains, it's that you're not putting in the time and you're too impatient to learn and are judging yourself too harshly.

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