Talko Tuesday

I totally get what and why you're doing it; however as a midwesterner who would move west for the price of a greyhound ticket, I also have to ask, but why?

Sure, you can get a lot more house for the same price, but how much do yo need? I.E. sure, you can get four bedrooms in KC, but have you ever been to KC, that's all you have. YOu can get 4 BR in COlumbus, and it is a cool town, but you're still in Ohio. And then somehow you can get a townhosue in chicago?!!? What neighborhood, also, have you ever survived a chicago winter?!??!

ANywho, do what's best for you. I just know I hate winter, and the midwest is boring AF IMHO unles you're in Chicago or Columbus, in which case, it's nto TOO Bad..

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