Ted Cruz Said Jan. 6 Wasn't a 'Violent Insurrection.' Now He Labels Peaceful Pro-Choice Protesters 'Mob Violence'

Right. It's not the protest he's talking about, it's the people. It's the people who protested on Jan 6th he considers real human beings, and those who are protesting for abortion right, well, he considers those people to be illegitimate.

I mean at this point we know their language is ideologically inconsistent. They're hypocrites. That's not the problem. The problem is that they are fucking oligarchs that have all the power. That's the damn problem. I mean, you think they don't have hypocrites in Europe? I'm Scandinavia? They do. Why are hypocritical politicians over there not putting a sledgehammer to democracy??? There is something fucked up about the very nature of our institutions here in America. The Senate needs to fucking go. It's racist AF. (I mean the whole reason for its inception IS racism itself. Read up on it, if you're not sure.) The gerrymandering needs to end. Seriously nobody should go to work until all statewide redistricting is handed to a nonpartisan body. They are killing our voting rights left and right in these states. Incarcerated people need to be able to vote. And formerly incarcerated people? Dear God that shouldn't even be a conversation! We have to see how much racism and hatred of the poor is packed into our institutions at every level. Seeing clearly is the only way we're gonna come out of this.

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