Teemo: The Truth Revealed Documentary (pt. 1)

Ah, yes. Teemo Escápel Moses, a dangerous creature lying on the further end of the neuroses all Yordles share to some capacity. Numerous psychological evaluations have been done, both in private and by the Scouts of the Mothership, to consider salvaging Teemo from his breaks, only to promptly be pushed off the record by the higher-ups responsible for his well-being. Heimerdinger, though more pursuant of technaturgical advancements, had this comparison of the scout to a recent Yordle-anthropological discovery.

It would seem apparent that all Yordles derive from a common place in the Frelijord , where conditions were indubitably harsher-- the smaller frames of our common Yordle were not designed for this. Thus, in the specimen examined, named Gnar, we were not surprised to find a countermeasure: a certain strand of DNA dubbed the rage gene evolves prehistoric Yordles into gigantic beasts of war in order to defend against larger foes. After several meetings with Teemo, I'm afraid that this trait may be dominant in the utmost degree of danger; whenever he witnesses an infraction to him or another Yordle by a (not strictly) larger creature, he shall shut off and defend himself.

Even so, perhaps the greatest issue with Teemo is his success. When situations like this arise. Teemo is promptly forgiven and any notion of his heinous crimes wiped from any Bandle record. He is also indoctrinated back into the Scouts of the Mothership at a highly ranking position with weak formalities, like the evaluations.

One has to wonder if the extremely amoral circumstances behind these coverups has also covered up the emergence of a deadly trait, and impeded any research towards whether another Teemo Escápel Moses may eventually menace Yordle society.

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