Tell me about your crush!

We met about a year ago at work, I thought she was cute and that was it at the time. I trained her for the first week she was there and kind of made small talk about anything really. We became friends and nothing more than that at the time. I knew she was talking to some guy at the time and I had been talking to someone also but it didnt workout between us. About a week or two later almost every part time male worker but me . So we started working together a lot more. We started having deeper conversations and started to get feelings for each other. We start to text each other daily and call each other nightly. She would tell me everything, I would tell her everything. We would always talk after work for an hour or so in my car. We were in that awkward in between stages of dating and being in a relationship. After a couple weeks of dating we became "official" and started letting everyone at work know that we were actually together and that they could quit saying that we should date because we would make such a cute couple. We were in a relationship for about 6 months or so. She would tell me she doesn't know what she would do without me. About a month ago she started getting distant from me. She started talking to one of my coworkers, who is one of my close friends. I kept of getting that vibe when we talked that she didn't want to talk and she would just stop texting me in the middle of conversations. I tried to make plans with her but she would come up with some excuse for why she couldn't make it. Then it got to the point where she wouldn't even answer me at all. I finally saw her at work (she would also always park next to me) and I saw her walk in with that coworker. I go to see her and she just walks right by me without saying a word. I carry on with my workday and near the end of my shift I was talking to that coworker and she walk up and started to say something and stopped mid sentence when she noticed me and said "Never mind" and just walked off. That's when I lost it and asked my friend whats going on between them. He says nothing is and explains what is going on with her. He says that she started to text him because she didn't know what to do. She said that she loves me but also still has feelings for her ex. When it was the end of my shift I tell her that we need to talk. She says make it quick I have somewhere more important to be. I ask her whats going on and she says that she doesn't love me and thinks that we shouldn't talk anymore. I asked her why and she says that she feels like I'm getting too close and too attached to her.

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