Is there anything I can do about a foul smelling coworker?

There was one time that I had a pretty rough night before, and I had drank heavily, and the next day I was humping it pretty hard in the cooler and the sales floor, and sweating pretty bad. I guess I didn't brush my teeth well enough or something, (yes I did shower, and apply deodorant and body spray) and allegedly a customer said something about me smelling like alcohol.

My SM pulled me aside while I was heading out to break and basically said "Look - this is off the record.. but someone stated that they thought they smelled alcohol on you. I don't care what you do when you are not here, but get some gum or something if that is going to be an issue."

I apologized to the SM, told him I had a rough night, and stated that I didn't mean to bring any problems to store/company image, and if he felt he needed to breathalyzer me right then and there, we can do it.

He said, "No - no need for that, but you know that stays in your system for a while. Just be more careful. Some people are hypersensitive to it."

That was it. Of course, I was embarrassed, but he did have class while handling it. Didn't yell at me, didn't threaten to coach me or fire me, just told me to be aware of it. Did it privately, no witnesses, just an "FYI" session.

Needless to say - I do keep a pack of 3 hour "breathsavers" on me at all times mainly because I also smoke and I know some people can be hyper sensitive to smokers breath.

Bottom line with your situation: Is this a feeling that is shared by other associates? has anyone else mentioned it?

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