There and back again.

i had a really bad experience with coil turn 5. i used duty finder the whole time to try to clear t5, but there were too many inexperienced people, so i decided to try out party finder. a bunch of people joined my party from the same fc. before we even started, one of them told me to sit out because i sucked. i told them that ive done a lot of runs via df but could never clear because there were always party members who were new, and assured them i wouldnt make any mistakes and that i would sit out if i did. in one of the runs, the fc smn didnt have garuda at the soak spot for a few minutes. i asked if he could move garuda, and he started shitting on me, saying "dont tell me what to do you idiot i know what im doing ive been a summoner for a long time." i apologized and said that sometimes people forget these things (i do) and i didnt mean offense, yet he continued to be rude to me, saying "actually that was really rude because youre saying im a noob smn." the first few runs, people kept dying because of divebombs. i didnt screw up my part (and the non-fc party members agreed). nevertheless, all the fc members said i was the reason they were struggling. i was a sch and i thought it would be unfair to put strain on the other healer. the fc smn said, "we can solo heal this. your heals suck anyway" even though i had i100 gear. i didn't want to deal with such rude people, so i agreed to sit out. while they were doing runs without me, i asked why they were all being so hostile to me. the smn said "what did you expect? youre in a legacy server. we're old players; we don't like newcomers." he just straight up admitted that they were elitist assholes. after a few failed tries, they all left, saying i was causing these issues even though i was out of the arena. it was honestly my worst experience on ffxiv and i have considered changing worlds since. i have met a lot of awesome people, though, so i won't let a few bad seeds sour my experience. its just unfortunate people like those in the fc even exist, thinking they are superior and able to treat other players like dirt.

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