There is so much to unpack with this.

I've had a similar experience. I wasn't a bad kid. Just dad drunken used to beat me and I would skip school.
I was suspended for 2 days for sneaking a smoke during a bathroom break. Principal knew the routine. Call mom!. Well he specifically told me that he would get me in trouble. Called dad! Bad idea. He showed up drunk and 5 steps outside of the office , huge death match. It was my first time defending myself from him. So huge scene. Screaming chaos.
I called the cops . Bad idea. I was cuffed. They showed up at my house. Dad was already drinking again. Long story short. Principal tried to hug me I threw him over his desk. I told him this was going to happen.
I was arrested. Expelled and kicked out of my house. Thank God mom showed up just in time to threaten the police and the school. I was released.

I wish I knew what I knew now about people in power . How to protect myself and conduct myself.

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