Things left unsaid.

This being my last comment. Thank you Reddit & Goddess of Inspiration whoever you are. I Thank you both & am humbled beyond measureour soul with infinite mindblowing chemistry giving you so much happiness on you passionate adventures we call life. I have luckily been blessed with to have experienced & can be at peace now as I've lived countless Lifetimes in this current form. Considering I've died five times & still here. I'm definitely coming back as a cat & I'm a dog person lol. Anyhow.

I send this for I said this to her & I never spoke words such as this before her & likely won't again so YES you are a GODDESS regardless if not the one who I worshipped! How could I not, A Man who never believed in spirituality or the following two words! "TWIN FLAMES" & your choice is song has made me feel so much compassion & empathy for the woman I love. Every word you said is how I feel we are mirrors! Why are we now distant? What is wrong with us. Why are you resisting? You have a secret I know I'm right? I don't care what it is or if who or..? I don't know. Honestly so I can be a peace & rest my weary soul. As I don't wish to burn from the inside out out of concern. These once eternal flames will consume me as I feel like your dying or something just as bad. I hope I'm wrong. My Doctor has said if I allow my emotions to overcome me my heart will literally fail.....again & he's never seen an actual case of heartache/break before. Cheeky Dr laughed at me. He didn't mean to. Why us. Who would have thought this Man respected by so many being old school is all I'll say, by so many changed his ways in an instant all those years ago to now be a hopeless old school romantic! Life is fickle &'ironic I'll say. Oh dear author you must think I'm some fool or worse for high jacking your unsentletter & I profusely am so sorry if this is true which is highly likely. Our love would make anyone smile as I had lived a life equivalent to movie/rock star & none of it came close in comparison to her. None of it. Whoever you are please let him know & don't be scared whatever it is you have going on for I more than care as I wouldn't want anything to happen to her. She once had cancer & now I fear something's maybe wrong. She always put others first. That's what's killing me. I will sell everything I have if its a medical issue. I would give her my organs if needed. That's not a joke either. I'm of sound mind I promise you. It's the least I can do for the woman who changed me into the man I'm now. Maybe it's karma.

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