Things like this make me confident that I've chosen the right person to spend the rest of my life with...What makes you confident in your relationship?

I believe there's no such thing as "the one." If I break up with my girlfriend I will meet someone new and I'll fall in love again. I've done it too many times.

But my girlfriend is extremely sweet to me. She helps me when I'm down and out. She never judges or pushes too hard. She has a mess of flaws too and we overlook them for each other while helping each other grow. I've had a lot of relationships where I felt like the world was expected of me (even though in reality they expected me to simply have my shit together) and there was a lot of pressure. A lot of arguing. She's accepting. She knows she's not perfect and she knows I'm not perfect. We don't fight. She tells me what's wrong and even if I'm mad she doesn't fight with me. I appreciate that a lot. Arguments fluster me. She preaches contentment. She wants to be content in life. She doesn't want riches and success. She wants a decent life. Stability.

I really appreciate her. Her approach to life. I could see me having a child with her and us being happy. She doesn't ever want to get married. Awesome me either lol. I don't know if it'll last forever and I'm positive she's not "the one" but I love her and what she does for me. I want to help bring her the stability and contentment she wants in her life.

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