Thorin's Thoughts - CLG's Play-off Problems (LoL)

Lol ZionSpartan is within top 3 top laners in NA. He'd be the last person I would replace on CLG. He handles Dyrus like it's child's play and can 1v2 better than anyone else in LCS. That thing he mentioned about relieving pressure for bot lane made no fucking sense. The reason they lane swap early game so that DL can get more farm in a 1v2 lane since he can't win 2v2's anymore. Zion, being the beast he is, still manages to come basically par with enemy adc and starves the enemy top lane. It's one reason why CLG's early game is as good as it is. Zion's positioning is usually on-point. It's mithie that can't seem to get on the same fucking page. Actually look at Zion's games, he 90% of the time wins lane and if he doesn't, it's cause the enemy team keeps rotating his top lane like a carousel.

Things go to shit at mid-late when teamfighting happens. A glaringly obvious reason is that Link can't win a fucking lane if his life depended on it. Doesn't matter if mithie literally camps at bush for 30 minutes, Link will STILL lose and STILL be 50 cs behind. He literally has NO presence. He usually blows abilities escaping and so in TF, CLG has no backline carry. We all know he can't dive worth a shit without immediately getting bursted to all hell yet he can't even poke dece either. Literally gets solo'd as ez under turret LOL. Link NEEDS to get dropped. Otherwise enemy mids can keep roaming and raping bot lane.

Aphromoo becomes a little bitch in playoffs. Tis true. He usually becomes super reactionary and passive in playoffs when he can't afford that cuz there isn't a bjerg on his team. He needs to be laying down some CC and initiate if he's going thresh/leona.

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