[LoL] Current problems with CLG

CLG is a company that lacks personnel with experience on how to lead and manage a company. I know Hotshot is trying his best and I give him a ton of credit for creating a company/legacy that most people will never do, but he is unfortunately not fully prepared for the role. A company needs a leader, a head, a shot caller. CLG does not have said person. Hotshot is a great guy, a nice guy, but his sense of business seems poorly lacking (at least from my perspective as a commerce student). I know it is hard to truly judge what is going on without being on the inside, but when there are so many flaws that show up on the outside, then it is a clear sign that something is wrong internally. External problems usually do not appear until the internal problems overload.

I would like to compare CLG to TSM. Regi is someone who is a rarity and he has done a great job, or what seems like a great job of leading TSM. Even during Regi's time on TSM as a player, it was clear that Regi was a go getter and leader where he made decisions and he took initiatives. Now if you look at CLG, it is clear that there is a lack of that leadership just based on the constant communication issues when Hotshot was on the team, the constant communication and lack of success since LCS started.

If CLG wants to turn things around, they need a CEO to be the leader and to give the proper guidance. This CEO does not need to be a dictator, but he needs to be a clear and firm leader that can direct the brand. Unfortunately, esports is filled with younger people who honestly benefits more from having a stern guiding hand, instead of being given freedom because of the lack of worldly experience. After solving the CEO problem, CLG needs a GM for the team who is actually in charge of rosters and is the decision maker (e.g. Steve on team liquid). The GM should be the one to review the players work, manage their sponsorships, be the go to person to talk to if there are issues and simply be the boss. After implementing a GM, they can implement a coach who's job is to help the team pick and ban, strategies, team atmosphere, pre-game speeches, solve team issues, etc. The coach should be the go to person for LoL game play related issues and team/communication issues. The GM should be the person to go to for everything else who can step in if there is a problem that is not solved by the coach. The analyst should be just there to analyze and produce data for the team.

So, this structure would result in a staff that is very similar to what you see in real spots. A GM to oversee the operations, build the team, sponsors, and essentially be the boss of the team. A coach for all team issues and LoL game play issue. An analyst to help analysis and produce strategies/counter strategies or innovate.

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