Those who have been caught masturbating or having sex how did you handle that? What happened?

Back in 2001 when I was 14, I had a computer and dial up internet in my room. It was midnight and all of a sudden I started getting fuzzy feeling in my pants. Decided to fire up the PC and the 56k modem.

Clicked on the first video and waited around 10-20 minutes for the video to buffer so it doesn't freeze mid jerk. As soon as I clicked play my body just froze from shock, loud porn sound started blasting in dead silence of the night. I forgot to mute the video or take the speakers off. I was panicking so must have taken 5-10 seconds to close the video.

My parents were sleeping in the next room and they must of heard the sound but they did not come to my room. We did not speak of it in the morning and my computer was not taken away so that's a plus.

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