Thursday, March 14th-The Daily

The past week has been annoying. I've been feeling pretty out of it/stuffed up and just not myself. Yesterday, I had a craving for pizza like I've never had before. It was insane. I almost picked up a whole pie to binge but I went home and napped instead. I plan on picking up quest pizzas so that I can rely on those if it hits again. I also went to Texas Roadhouse the other night and DID NOT touch the bread. Lord have mercy.

I'm proud of myself, I guess? Idk, the scale hasn't moved much in 6 weeks so I feel like it wouldn't have mattered if I ate what I wanted. But that's just me rationalizing a cheat. SW comes next week so maybe that's it. I suspect the lack of progress has to do with me drinking quite a few times a week (save for this week due to feeling shitty) so I need to get a handle on that.

Trying to stay positive and kcko

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