TIL Autodidact Chris Langan aka "the smartest man in the world"(IQ:195-210); has in his spare time (from his job as a bouncer) developed a 'true Theory of Everything', a mix of Wheeler's Participatory Universe and Hawking's Imaginary Time theory. He even says he now can prove the 'P vs NP problem'

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Praise and controversy:

The CTMU has gained both praise, and controversy in the scientific community. Robert Seitz, a former NASA Executive and Mega Foundation director stated "every physicist is inundated with amateurs' ‘Theories of Everything,' but Chris' CTMU is very, very different". On the flip side, the CTMU theory has been criticized for its use of convoluted language. Langan's use of terms he has invented (or redefined) has made his exposition obscure, leading some to question his honest intention to make himself clear.


  • He dropped out of college twice.

  • Worked as; construction worker, cowboy, Forest Service Ranger, farmhand, and, for over twenty years, and a bouncer

  • Also worked at "Disney Research", and "Virtual Logistix" here he "produced original research in various fields of mathematics, including graph theory, algebra, advanced logic and model theory, abstract computation theory and the theory of computational intractability, artificial intelligence, physics and cosmology"

  • He have stated that he spent the last years of high school mostly in independent study, teaching himself "advanced math, physics, philosophy, Latin and Greek".

  • In conjunction with his ideas, Langan has claimed that "you can prove the existence of God, the soul and an afterlife, using mathematics."

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