TIL a Pakistani official was exonerated because the incriminating documents were written in Calibri in 2006, when it was only included in Microsoft Office in 2007

You're right..OP completely misread this article.

To help prove he’s not guilty, daughter Maryam Nawaz provided a series of documents which she claims were created in 2006 and which reveal the source of some of the said assets.

After a thorough inspection of these documents, investigators discovered that all papers were created with Calibri, Microsoft’s already-famous font that’s the default option in the Office productivity suite. But while the daughter claims the documents are dated 2006, the font was actually released by Microsoft in 2007 as part of the Office suite.

boldAs a result, not only that the Nawaz family can’t justify some assets and means of income, but it’s now accused of forgery as well, after trying to lie the investigators by providing false documents.bold

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