TIL that when a cockroach touches a human it runs to safety to clean itself

I was born and raised in my box. I was the smaller of my brothers and sisters, but I was not weak. We endured many hardships during our childhood, with major earthquakes every few minutes it seemed.

The day of my 5th birthday however, a terrible thing happened. Our entire world was shaken about with the most devastating earthquake ever felt. My family and I were tossed from our home to a strange new world. Chaos erupted everywhere, and I watched as my family was murdered by monstrous beings, many times my size. My family was gone, but I managed to survive. Once the dust cleared, I saw my family's killer. It had fur coming from what I think was its head, but to this day I still do not know what this creature was. I decided to enact my revenge.

Hours passed, until finally, I saw my opportunity. I reached the beasts fur and found myself a way into it. My plan: to destroy it from the inside. I began to climb in and realized, as small as I was, it would still not be easy. I began to panic, and decided to try and find another entrance.

Then, I heard it roar.

An antenna shattering roar, so loud that I jumped. In a panic, I began scurrying forward. I needed to get further in so I could continue my revenge. Within several seconds, I felt something poke me. I continued my climb inward, only to feel a sharp pain in my leg. The pain continued to grow and grow, until I could no longer stand it. I began to beat the inside of the beast, in an attempt to get it to release me. More roaring proceeded, until my leg was ripped from me. The pain was unimaginable, but I continued onward.

After several hours, I had burrowed myself deep within the beast. I took a well deserved break. It was warm in here, and while there were many sounds around me, it was somewhat peaceful now. That's when it happened: a great flood. Liquid began pouring inside with me. I did my best to use myself as a wedge, and prevent myself from drowning, but realized I was trapped. This was it, I was going to die. Eventually, more of my limbs were ripped from me, but I could still hear sounds around me. Eventually, I was removed from the beast, and tossed aside with ease. I wanted to be upset, but I was alive. I may be stuck in here for now, but someminute, I will get out. And when I do, I can exact my revenge.

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