Today my intelligence was insulted in my software project team.

This is horse shit. I am a dude. Software developer. Computer science degree.

Newsflash: Girls in tech are very hot and sexy to guys in tech. He is probably hitting on you at "worst." At best being genuinely nice.

Pulling the woman card gets really old. Do you know the shit dudes say to each other in tech? Do you know the standards for each other? Do you know when someone attacks my code - I don't get to pull the woman card. I just fix it. And do you know what? I have been in positions where I was offered help because I was the weakest link. I just took the help and experience and said thank you. I have been offered help when I didn't need it and said "no thank you." Why is that such a challenge? Why is one dude - offering help mind you - something to bitch about, condemn, and turn into a "he vs. she" thing? And you had every opportunity to calmly ask "are you helping me because I am the girl?" There were so many things you could have done. Instead - you allowed your own perceptions to invalidate yourself and you did nothing to confront it, handle it, or help it and instead you came here to an echo chamber to talk about a man helping you! WTF?

Guys treat women differently. Believe me - if this hurts your feelings or makes you feel invalidated - you most certainly don't want to handle the way a guy treats another guy.

You are a woman. Embrace it! Use it! Quit trying to be one of the guys and expect the guys to treat you as "just one of the guys." Because you aren't. Colleague? Yes. Capable? I have no doubt. So get over yourself and be a bad ass capable woman!

P.S. I am not just speaking out of my ass. I am a homosexual in Texas. I understand being treated differently. But I also understand people being outrageously sensitive and not being responsible for their own perceptions.

P.P.S. My partner in crime was a woman while I got my degree and my most influential college professor ever was a woman in tech. Female over sensitivity is just as much of a problem as male insensitivity.

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