Trump Administration Deliberately Tanked Covid Response for Political Purposes: Report

I don’t care what political strip anyone is. The country, the union is what maters. The citizens as a whole, no matter how fortunate or unfortunate one may be is what’s important. If you are talking about some one, vice some one’s point, some law, policy or position on a subject that affects a state or the country bad or good, then you are part of the problem and not the solution. Those people, and there are many from both parties, that put party politics before the people are the problem and need to/should re-evaluate what is really in the best interest for all citizens, the whole county. Think for yourself as an intelligent human being and do not be one of those people that follows the crowd/party like a sheep. Think which party has/is making things better for the country. Think policies not personalities, think result and outcomes, not promises and sound bites.

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