Trump Denies Asking Comey to Drop Investigation of Michael Flynn

Adding some context to this story:

"Comey memo"

No one at the Times has seen the memo to verify that it actually exists. By the paper’s own admission, the story comes entirely from unidentified, second-hand sources. The Times claimed “one of Mr. Comey’s associates read parts of” the alleged memo to a reporter, presumably over the phone.

This is what people are using as evidence that Trump did in fact ask Comey to drop the investigation of Flynn. Let's look at a timeline:

January 23, 2017: FBI reviewed Flynn’s calls with Russian ambassador but found nothing illicit

Although Flynn’s contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were listened to, Flynn himself is not the active target of an investigation, U.S. officials said.

Yet for some reason Comey wrote a memo that no one has seen which stated that Trump asked him to drop the investigation on Flynn in February.

February 2017: Alleged memo was written.

May 3, 2017: Flashback, May 3: FBI Director Comey Says He Was Never Pressured To Stop Any Investigation; "Would Be A Big Deal"

When questioned by Sen. Mazie Hirono at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on May 3, then-FBI director James Comey said that in his experience in the Obama and Trump administrations, politicians had never interfered with any FBi investigations for political reasons.

This testimony came after the alleged memo. So there are three posibilities here:

  1. Comey perjured himself
  2. Comey lied in the memo
  3. The memo doesn't exist

People are so partisan right now in this country that redditors in this thread are declaring 'unconfirmed sources hearing bits and pieces of an unconfirmed memo over the phone' as proof of Trump's actions while ignoring sworn testimony by Comey himself and demanding Trump provide proof he didn't do something we have no evidence of in the first place.

Let that sink in for a moment.

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