Two NYPD officers in Brooklyn are in critical condition after being ambushed.

Let me take a wild stab about those "thousands and thousands of people: A lot of them share a public assistance check, not because of some circumstance that put them there, but because they can't live a life where they're NOT telling off their boss for doing their job, and they're not capable of keeping that job because of it.

My years at a McDonald's would tell me that. And those people at the Mickey D's actually had a McJob, and they were the ones with some work ethic.

Lemme tell you about that work ethic:

I've done a lot of crap jobs in my life, and the McDonalds that I worked at my young life told me everything I needed to know. Everyone, and almost up to management level, never did anything wrong! Doing your job was the most goddamned outrageous thing they asked you to do all day! Your boss, who simply was a fry guy in a tie, just wanted you to make the goddamned hamburgers (like the ones they advertise for sale on the outside of the goddamned building, I know, fucking shocking) without having a fucking meltdown and explain in tiny detail what the fuck you're NOT going to do today.

The whole fucking building was full of these people. It was every color in the human chain, and by god, everyone was fucking having a fucking meltdown today because the man asked you to take out the trash nicely.

It was like I was in a mental institution. A mental institution full of borderline criminals who couldn't take the humiliation of making a fucking hamburger. As I came from a long line of coal miners, frying a hamburger was no big fucking deal.

People got in fights, everyone's ego was bruised like they were at their first week in kindergarten.

I've had other run ins with those idiots. I see them double parking their expensive SUVs at the free toy giveaway to the poor. You can't come out of those moments really feeling good about humanity. People just cussing out and fighting all the time. At a church. When 2/3rds of them could buy toys. Yep.

I'm a huge liberal Democrat. ObamaCare-YES! Democrat. but honestly, fuck those people. We've got legit poor, who have a good attitude, and don't spend their government subsidy at the 'playas club' to give it to. We're not losing the cure for ebola with these losers cussing each other out the back lot of my local Mickey D's.

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