U.S. Says Russia Likely Conducting Low-Yield Nuke Tests, Defying Test Ban Treaty

Indeed, but they did this long before Russia did anything. In fact Russia's entire defense strategy was based upon the idea that nobody was really going to make nukes and that reusing old testing footage was good enough. We did a bit of the same. Everything changed however when the Ukraine was destabilized and Russia suddenly had a hostile state on its border. One after the other, Western powers tore down Russian allies and economic partners and either left them in a destabilized state or turned them into full blown puppets. We did the very thing we were accusing Russia of doing and the record proves we did it with a whole lot less democracy than our media schills have been reporting.

There is a great deal of cognitive dissonance here. On one hand we were telling Russia after the Velvet Revolution that we liked their change from Communism to Capitalism, but on the other we have worked hard to keep them paupers economically and made it a crime to trade with them despite every reason in the world to have an economically stable Russia versus on that will lash out eventually due to civil and social unrest.

The operative word in your comment "apparently" is important in any conversation about the situation, which has grown to become the most dangerous game of chicken the human race has ever encountered.

On one hand we have a small minority of diplomats who would like to do their job and engage in a civil discussion whereby we return to a peaceful and cooperative stance, while on the other hand we have wealthy and morally bankrupt sociopaths who don't care who die running a game whereby everyone dies if even one thing goes wrong. It's pretty disingenuous to say Russia is testing nukes again when satellites and ground sensors would detect a detonation, which they haven't. The gamma radiation from a subterranean burst would still be evident because there is no physical way to stop hot gasses from venting no matter how deep you bury the bomb.

The report and accompanying article popped up like a trial balloon. It is there to see what we will and will not beleive. The report used the term "likely". European Space Agency satellites did not pick up a radiation plume before, during, opr after the supposed detonation window, and they have some of the most sensitive gamma detectors in orbit. They can, for instance see smoke alarm and gas lantern filament factories and detected the North Korean tests the moment they happened.

If they were testing nukes it would be quite the hat trick. This is why we get words like "likely" and "apparently", much like we did when the murdercrats talked us into crushing Iraq because they "apparently" had WMDs and "likely" did 9/11, but of which were untrue.

Intelligence agencies and propaganda organizations must never use the same databases lest people begin to believe the lies and respond with violence as a result. Murdercrats want to talk us into war with Russia because they are just stupid enough to think they will survive a nuclear exchange and evil enough to not care who they kill. That's why they tore down all of the treaties sane people built to try to prevent nuclear war and put us on the brink of annihilation. Let's not make it easier for them.

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