Do you think the U.S will actually ban Tik Tok? Why or why not?

No. Maybe as a policy for working for state or federal government agencies, but the actual enforcement of a ban to make tiktok illegal for general Americans is logistically a nightmare.

Banning it for government employees has a very easy enforcement, and clear path of implementation. Employer has policy for employees. They’re caught violating the policy, they face employment punishment (lost wages, suspended, fired, etc.)

A cop sees a guy on tiktok at the store and….? Takes his phone? Arrests him for… possession of contraband? The optics jury and prosecution of that would be horrendous— and a massive overreach of federal power. (Akin to censorship).

I still don’t believe it’s likely, but a ban at the distribution level of the AppStore or google play would be more feasible. But that would be a long fight with the media and tech giants who surely would make a stand to prevent government overreach into their businesses.

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