Ubisoft is removing games from uplay libraries that were purchased from 3rd party sites (g2a, etc)

No, it is not the same.

Car sales usually need to be reported to some governmental institution, who then issue some sort of vehicle title, in the US it is commonly called a pink slip, a public document, which serves as public proof of ownership. A dealership must either be registered with a government institution, or have a pink slip for the car (this varies from country to country, but it is usually something along those lines).

Game resellers have a private contract with a publisher or distributor, and unless the publisher makes it public who is and who isn't an authorized reseller (which they don't), there is no way for a customer to really know. Likewise, when you acquire a game, you don't get a public title attesting the ownership of the game.

And to further prove my point, I can give a very notable example of how purchases in good faith are treated in most civil law countries (I imagine it is the same in common law countries). Say a store was being robbed, the robber has tied up the employees and locked them in a back room. You walk into the store and think the robber is an employee, the robber plays the role and pretends to be an employee, selling you an item and pocketing the cash. Guess what? Because you purchased the item in good faith -- you did not know, nor could you not reasonably have known, that it was stolen -- you do not have to return the item to the owner or pay for any damages, and the owner has to seek compensation from the robber.

This can be applied to your car example, but as I said, usually there are legal requirements put in place to avoid things like these from happening, so the buyer can't allege good faith. But if there weren't, if a lad did buy a stolen car, without knowing it was stolen or without having reason to believe it was stolen, in good faith, then Toyota (or whoever the previous owner was) couldn't demand that he return the car. And if they destroyed the car, then they would be liable for those damages.

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