UN in serious negotiations with China about letting observers into Xinjiang province: Antonio Guterres

Evidence lad. If you spot mistakes I'll have them heard. All I see is nonsense in your statement that relies competely on emotions. I have the sources to back up most of what I said, except for the triad part and Marcon being the best choice to be a political lead. Both of those are inherent speculations that could very well be wrong, because Marcon does have problems at home, and could easily sink. As for the Triad part- thats just pure speculation based on what I know off the Italian, Colombian, and Russian mobs. There is a danger in saying that the Chinese mob works in the same way, because China doesn't inherently have the same internal bureaucratic issues that the other three have had or the same splits among ethnic or political lines. The Italian south, the Russian white population, and the Colombian split between the mixed, natives, and pure European decedents that exist.

The EU is healthier then it was 10 years ago, and where the EU could still fall apart- and quite possibly sooner then later, the Brexit as done something odd- it has unified support behind the EU. If you would have asked me 4 years ago I would have agreed the EU was going to fail. In its current form, there is still a lot if issues, and I don't deny that.

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