Update: My daughter (5F) asked me (24F) what my childhood was like and I couldn’t answer her

Oh, sorry I missed that part. What to say I don't know. Do you have any habits? I heard that people who have the same problem as you never forget their habits, so if you pray every night you'll pray every night. If you go for a walk then maybe you will always go for a walk instill some core values and beliefs and repeat that you will always be remembered by. You may not remember you may have dementia, but if you have values you never lose that. When people die they take everything that was them when they lived, Example a video cassete of 10 things that define you every day is a new day that is what ultimately matters every single day it doesn't really matter what happens or where you came from, but who you are at the core every person on Earth doesn't know where they came from, but they are all going somewhere spirit counts more than flesh. Many people think they've lived but they're dead inside and unrecognizable,and have no memory. so make the best of the situation, and do whats right, and don't forget keep a record write, and hold core beliefs and values. Kids themselves don't remember, but that doesn't stop them from being human or the moments any less valuable while they lasted.

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