[Video] - Trump: Nancy Pelosi is very bad for our country

Yeah, I'm with you. Lying liars must always be called such. It's frustrating, but I think we all know what the score is. A significant part of this country is entirely indifferent to the lies. So the media must pretend it's simply "alternative facts," so as not to be seen carrying the same message forward every day...that the liar lies. All know it. It's quite sobering to see how the WH press conferences have been shut down, how all questions are pushed to Trump throwing word salads on the rose garden lawn, and how the complete lack of accountability has become the norm.

The media is powerless beyond showing us the transparency. Get me all the heads of the intel agencies to walk out on this clown in one unified movement, in an effort to provide for the security of this nation. That will push the ball in the right direction.

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