Water fluctuation or not enough calories?

You should actually be putting on a lot of weight once you start bulking, because your body will retain a lot of water for the first few weeks.

My experience with a 250-cal surplus is that I was so obsessed with not going over that I didn't go anywhere. For months my weight fluctuated and my lifts stagnated. Sometimes I even lost weight and it was really off-putting.

Then I switched to a 500-cal surplus and made sure that was the least I was eating. I can go over and not stress about it.

The difference is the mentality. When I was doing a 250-cal surplus, I was more focused on staying lean than on actually bulking, so I basically spun my wheels.

It's honestly my biggest regret, because I wasted months that I could've spent building muscle.

Once I increased my surplus, all my numbers started shooting up.

My advice is to increase your surplus, even if it leads to more than 200g of weight gain per week. If you want to drop it to 200g, calculate your TDEE after a few weeks to a few months and drop it later. When you're bulking, it's better to over-eat than under-eat, because then at least you'd still be achieving what you're aiming for: building muscle mass.

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