The "WHY" of a Wedding.

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Traditions are a platform where we all land after surviving all we have survived. We get to exist in a precious moment together and there are some moments that are just meant to be. Some loves will prevail no matter what has to be moved, lifted, let go or let in.

There are weddings that are planned in weeks and some that take years to come to fruition. There are weddings that should not happen but still do. Then my favourite, the couples that are destiny in motion. They are bestfriends who participate in the joy of each other. I feel the synergy and its not just between them. Its the way they all interact together; family, bridal party, siblings. Everyone allowing each other their moment , absorbing and contributing to the tangible energy in the room.

Love is alive at Betroth as we assist in the creation of these types of weddings. The mother in law who is moved to tears at seeing her future daughter-in-law in her chosen wedding gown. The father who gets choked up as he brings out his credit card to pay for the dress stating how fast the years go by recalling his favourite moments with his daughter. The Maid of honour who reflects on the hard years of high school bullying that molded and shaped them and bonded them in an unbreakable friendship, bringing them to this moment where she is zipping up her BFF’s wedding gown. So excited ,she doesn't even care that she is half dressed, underwear hanging out, odd socks, sweet smile. Perfect human moments. A wedding, when the formula is right, is full of perfect human moments.

There are no bridal meltdowns. No angry moments. Everything is taken in stride.

We had a couple that ordered all the supplies themselves and when it arrived it was all miniature. Little tiny coffee cups, dinner plates that couldn't hold more than a spoon full. Napkins that looked like sticky notes. The chef came to me worried that there was not enough space to accommodate more than a meatball on the plate. When I informed the bride she went into a fit of giggles and so did the groom.

Weddings can bring people even closer together. When the focus is on making memories and not the materialism. How do you do this? By factoring others into their special moments, acknowledging the blessings of family and friends. Recognizing that these people are not there as props at the wedding, they are the support group that has witnessed the inception of this love.

A fun, love filled wedding can light the path back to normal life. Celebrating comes in many different forms. I encourage anyone who is planning a wedding to build their wedding reflective of what they want to EXPRESS to their guests. There is no show, no one to impress, come from love, plan from love and I promise you everyone will leave feeling the magic. Love, Light, Levity Sanna

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