Hey, those 12 hour sdo shifts are pretty bad too for everyone giving you flak over the 12 hr vs 24hr shifts. Truth is I think the 24 hour shift is an irresponsible tasking. By the end of the shift it's so easy to make mistakes, you're basically useless, and then somehow it's alright to drive home... Sounds like a risk mitigation no go. Then I lose an nco for the entire following day, not so good when I'm already short staffed and two days behind on the phase.

Just be glad it's not Courtesy Patrol... 0900 to 0200 telling people they're not allowed to wear civilian hats indoors, their jeans are too torn, it's the stupidest thing I've seen in a long time. I honestly think that it's offensive and defeats the entire "Army as a Profession" initiative. If we can't treat you like an adult and simply expect you to do the right thing, how can we turn around and call you a professional, equating that with high levels of prestige and discipline. The most common thing we dealt with was dependants who are just out of control levels of messed up. Seriously, service members need to tend to their families because that was shameful, I can't imagine raising children with that level of disrespect much less having a wife who just looks like she gave up on life a decade past and now fuels her commissary trips with cherry flavored vodka so she can pick up more junk food to augment her already corpulent form. It's as though someone took a hammer to the "hour glass" and left nothing but the pile of sand and broken glass that is a shadowed husk of a person. There was a "Colonel's wife" who approached one of our patrols and started raving about how some other SOLDIER was parked in spots they don't belong in. When asked to point it out and they would address it, she said it occurred the other day actually. She had apparently called the other SPOUSE out on parking in HER spot. The other spouse gave her the appropriate response of "Screw you, I don't care who your husband is". I thought this whole spouses claiming the parking, privilege and courtesies of their service member was only something that happened online to be complained about "dependents hurr durr" but this was apparently a legitimate reinforcement of the stereotype. Not to mention the kids who apparently vandalized a bus stop in broad daylight adjacent to the parade ground. Broke off a piece of concrete and used it to smash the glass and break a garbage can. Where are the damn parents?

I'm probably just mad because I had to pull this shift after they told me yesterday that I'm leaving in a week or less for three months of sleeping on a cot in foreign countries. It just would have been nice to have a little more time to prepare, I'm too busy trying to set up a family care plan for my cat... This is why I need a wife, so that someone will be there to take care of my cat.

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