Weird opinion (hear me out)

It is demonic. Funny thing is, I just saw a hilarious Joe Rogan podcast with Alex Jones, and Alex goes rambling about many things... as usually, it sounds funny and too incredible to be true. Here's the quote as a copypasta:

Now the thing is, I've seen a visions that coincide with Alex's thoughts. I can only agree with the fact that there indeed is very evil, demonic force that has a lot to do with the state of our society. I'm not saying evil is ever non-present as it's part of the whole, but it has overgrown. As a result we witness the total crumbling of society, nature and human culture.

It is my thought and I feel it's true that God guided me to SR. We are all connected and we have piece of Him within us, as our soul is divine. So he is watching, not interfering, but guiding us in mysterious ways. One of such way is to reveal this secret of SR to many people these last few years.

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