Whale and dolphin captivity banned by law in Canada

She didn't work with the orcas, why would Sea World need to tell her about an incident regarding orcas 3 years before she started working at Sea World? Do you know they didn't tell her that there were hazards with orcas once she started working specifically with orcas?

I would bet a million bucks that Sea World brought up the fact that these are wild animals that had the potential to seriously harm and/or kill you during her training. I don't think it would be necessary however that they give specific examples of when people had gotten hurt.

No I didn't write it. I agreed with it that Blackfish isn't a very truthful film despite the filmmaker being adamant that the film was only a fact driven narrative, not the advocacy piece that it clearly was.

I also had explained in another comment that I am completely against whales and similar animals being kept in captivity. I even said in the first comment you replied to that I had written more in a different comment in this same post. Obviously you didn't read that.

I also do not appreciate that you continue to personally insult and demean me. I am here for a discussion which has proven entirely difficult because you have taken things out of context, used personal insults, and didn't even bother to read the entirety of what I had posted. Enjoy being blocked since you have proven yourself to be uncivil in several regards.

Have a good day.

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