What are the worst things about colleges and universities?

Can't speak for all but my specific University had a bad PR issue in my latter years. There were budget cuts that really screwed over alot of the people that worked there in lower positions such as the maintenance and grounds crew. And also alot of complaints regarding a lack of response to issues where students didn't feel safe. Sexual abuse, hate against certain religions, alot of the time the university made sure to cover their own ass in regards to their image before caring about their individual students needs.

When these complaints arose about the mishandling of these situations they had their own in house team investigate the issue, do you think the team that is being paid by the university to look into these issues is going to find anything wrong with the way they were handled? Of course not. The university just essentially complents themselves on a job well done. Everyone realizes this is bullshit but there wasn't much you could do. We even had students threatened with expulsion for continuously pushing at issues that were said to be handled.

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