What 'controversial' opinion do you hold, that really isn't a big deal, but people get mad or think you're crazy?

Air conditioners are significantly contributing to global warming.

Hear me out.... I'm not talking about toxic, ozone killing chemicals, or things like that. If you paid any attention at all in 7th grade science class, you'll have learned that "cold" is only defined as the absence of heat, and that coldness of a gas or object is only how much it's atoms are vibrating back and forth. To make something colder is to remove energy from it in a way that has an effect on its temperature. A/C units for houses, cars, buses, etc. work by removing heat from a given area and moving it outside the area. While they make your house nice and comfortable, my theory is that it just makes the outside hotter. Growing up in the deep south, where it's easy to get to high 80s & 90s on a daily basis, I noticed that it was significantly warmer when I was around the AC unit of my house, than it was on the other side. In fact the entire side of the house it was on was a measurable difference, sometimes getting up to a 5 degree difference.

Now really think about the millions of homes and businesses in America, the hundreds of millions in the world that have ac units. All the cars, factories, storefronts, schools, planes, hospitals, etc, all removing the heat from all the space they take up, and moving all that heat to just outside, and now you have an army of earth-baking machines. And every year, each summer, records keep getting broken, temps just keep getting hotter and hotter, more people keep passing out or dying of heat stroke, more and more rivers, lakes and streams are drying up..... And yet we just keep our precious air conditioners running.

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