What do you guys think about modern music? Do you like where it’s going? Or prefer the oldies?

It's been a double edged sword between loving how some genres can embrace being catchy (rock acts going from the grunge of the 90s/2000s to a bit more catchy) and hating some of the retro vibes and increasing dependence upon beats in other genres make things almost too catchy.

For an example of some rock bands being more catchy which I enjoy: I like July Talk can be dance rock and mix a dude that sounds like friggen Tom Waits banged the Cookie Monster with a chick's beautiful voice.

I also love hip hop acts like Anderson.Paak which have some funk vibes that are familiar, but I personally don't think they seem "retro."

For the bad, I'm personally not a fan of the throwbacks to the 80s styles that a fair few artists are going with right now. I actually enjoy some Mac Demarco, but that's very in small doses. I don't normally like the lazy vibes of the flat, 80s style drum and the echo-y guitar effects, but I realize that some people do really want to chill out to that. (I have more complaints for acts like Lana Del Rey who take the slight retro vibes even further at times, but I can take her in small doses too)

I don't like the current wave of rappers like Lil Pump who I personally feel like have a producer making minimalistic beats for someone to be a "frontman" to. But maybe they're just the beginning of something that may become more defined over the next year or two.... I personally assumed it was the natural progression of all of the styles and beats that came from like 2014 and the Atlanta music scene and maybe even Codeine rap before that - and maybe the style is finally petering out before something new snaps people out of the laid back/minimal style again.

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