What have you lied about online?

I've been legit catfished on Tinder. Does that count?

We really hit it off and our text convos were hilarious and insightful and interesting. Am in a pretty mountainous/rural area so tho she might be "close" it was quite a drive to get there.

When we finally met... well I wasn't sure. I mean... maybe she just used Instagram or snapchat filters??? Not to mention.. once we started chatting, I'd get an alert, check my phone, read the text, respond, return phone to pocket - I didn't pour over her pics over and over.

Eventually made an excuse and went to the bathroom. Nope definitely a different person. And that made it a hard no for me. Lies are an instant reject from me. ... butni had driven all that way... I decided that she was nice enough, I could stay for a chat at the very least. I stuck it out and had a few drinks, then said a polite goodbye and went home.

It was more sad than anything. Imagine someone who's insecurities and who's self esteem is SO LOW that they have to pretend to be someone else... She was brought to the 'big city' (a small, rural city in my area) by her boyfriend whom she had 2 kids with. He promised her the world but couldn't find work, so he started dealing. Then using. Then her and the kids were in danger and some incidents happened so she gtfo but was in this strange small city without any help or support, alone with 2 kids and a deadbeat dad.


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