What is the most blatantly obvious sign of interest a woman has given you, that turned out to be nothing?

There is a girl I work with who gives me EVERY sign I've always thought indicated interest, except she has turned down my one offer for a date, and I refuse to ask twice, I don't play games.

I've known her for five years, and for five solid years I catch her constantly looking at me. Not like, once in a rare while meeting eyes, I mean if I turn around or glance at her, there is a 90% chance she is eyeing me up. If she is walking by and I say hi, she'll go out of her way to smile and rub my shoulder as she walks by. In conversation she will literally press her body into mine if she can do it without seeming too out of place. When I run into her, if she is tipsy, it's always a huge and a kiss on the cheek, and then she backs away maybe six inches and just keeps her face tilted up at mine, making it basically look like shes begging for a kiss. These are just the more obvious ones, but it has come down to strange shit like I've overheard her talking to a co-worker about how she hates chinese food. Two days later I order chinese, she asks me where it's from, and the NEXT day there she is eating chinese from the same place.

Except I can't get her to carry on a decent conversation, when we do talk it's never for more than 3 minutes, and if she isn't actively working on putting herself as far into my personal space as possible, then she is looking around the room and appearing totally disinterested. We've been in the same bar before, and she'll do the whole staring thing, but will absolutely ignore me other than a wave from across the bar. I've asked her out, which she turned down, (although it was a couple years ago, and I was a shitty person who didn't take care of themselves, a lot has changed in my life since). I've seen her out at bars with guys and occasionally leave with them, but if she is near me and someone asks her how her "boyfriend" is, she'll angrily say "He isn't my boyfriend", justttt loud enough for me to hear. The whole thing is fucking strange, I gave up on her a long time ago, but it still drives me nuts to this day.

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