What’s the most stupid way that you’ve disregarded your safety? What have you learned from it?

I never tell this story... It’s one of my most shameful moments and I’ll probably delete this. I was going through a REALLY tense home situation, and had just lost my relationship because I was being a horrible person in my mid to late teens. Anyways, I met a guy on tinder and I agreed to take a Xanax he offered me. Next thing I know, it’s the next morning and I’m parked on my street sobbing. (I had apparently driven while blacked out?) I had texts from the guy saying “I swear I didn’t know you were unconscious please don’t think I did anything like that.” My other male friend hit me up asking if I was okay, and told me that I had called him last night asking him to pick me up because I was so fucked up, but tinder guy persuaded my guy friend that I was fine and I’d be okay in the morning. I remember nothing from that night except a moment in tinder guy’s car trying to hold my head up and another moment of him hovering over me while my eyes rolled around in my head. Luckily, with a lot of therapy, I became a better person, stopped putting myself in dangerous situations, and earned back the trust of my ex and we’ve been together for 4 years since, living together for 3. I’m happier (and in a healthier home situation) than I’ve ever been, and that night was my wake up call. I ended up getting fired for not showing up to work the day after the incident, even though I had told my manager that it put me in a psych ward on suicide watch. I’m thankful for the awesome partner I have, the therapists who literally turned my life around, and the strides I’ve made in improving my relationship with my family since that night, but if I could go back and not have to reach that rock bottom to change myself for the better, I would.

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