What’s something that’s hurting you right now but won’t share with anyone you know irl?

Ive finally got a job interview to work with my boyfriend tomorrow and it will pay me more than I’ve ever been paid before. The only thing is, my boyfriend worries about the men there who will try to hit on me. I’ve never been the type to flirt back or be disloyal and always made it a point that I’m taken around people like that. But despite that, he worries I won’t want to be with him anymore and get tired of him and to me, I just want him to be proud of me since I’m doing something for myself and for us both together. I’m excited to be making money but I feel like it’d be pointless if the one person I want to be proud of me isn’t proud of me. Everyone in my family is rooting for me and even reassuring him that I’m not that type of person, but he still wakes up everyday upset about it. (I can’t find a job anywhere else as I don’t have a license or car at the moment and this is my only option besides working at a bar for $35 a week, so he’s my only ride to work). I understand he’s been through a lot with his other exes and infidelity, but I’ve been through that pain if not worse with abuse mixed in along with cheating, and I know the pain all too well for me to turn around and do it to someone I genuinely care for.

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