What is something that doesn't deserve its bad reputation?

Salt. If you cook from scratch, salt won’t hurt you because you use it in moderation. But if your diet is largely processed and fast food, you’re overloading your body with way too much salt.

Political correctness. Amongst civilians, we call this “tact.” It means that you don’t tell your wife she looks fat in that dress. It means you say, “Excuse me,” rather than, “Get the hell out of my way!” It means you stop to consider other people’s feeling before opening your mouth.

Intelligence. I will never, ever understand why so many people consider such a positive evolutionary trait to be negative. I’ve been picked on, quite literally, my entire life because I love to read and learn and am able to retain and integrate information usefully.

Cannabis. Those who feel that cannabis is harmful are not basing their opinion on factual data. Not one single person has ever overdosed on cannabis in the history of humanity. It is not a “gateway drug,” because it is entirely unlike heroin, cocaine, prescription opioids, and the like. The biological connection between prescription opioids and heroin is clearly established; they “ping” on the exact same chemical receptors. Cannabis has a completely different chemical structure, not remotely related to other drugs. And as a medicine, it’s able to treat the symptoms of numerous medical conditions with very few side effects.

Introversion. Many people seem to think that introverts are “weird.” That we spend too much time by ourselves and must be lonely. Quite the contrary. I’m never bored, because there are so many things in which I’m interested. Not that I don’t socialize; I do…just not frequently.

There are a few!

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