What is your favorite story in mythology?

TLDR: Sun Goddess has depressive episode after her brother murders someone, fellow gods try to cheer up so the planet doesn't die.

Probably the story of the Japanese sun goddess (Amaterasu) who goes to hide in a cave after her not so beloved brother kills one of her weavers. She seals the cave shut, and hides away causing the sun to stop rising. Naturally its all dark and cold, and crops wont grow, so all the other gods are kinda freaking out. The first thing they do is get a bunch of roosters, because hey if the roosters are cawing, surely its morning time and she should come out now? The roosters begin to go off, but this isnt working. So they decide to set up something a bit more elaborate. First they get a smith to start hitting his finest hammer against a rock, to create a rythym of sorts. After this they grab a giant mirror, because I guess when she eventually comes out seeing her beauty will make her feel better? Finally they get Ameno Uzume (otherwise known as Ameno-no-Uzume) to dance on a makeshift stage of sorts, and she did so bare naked. All the gods begin to party outside the cave, and are laughing and drinking as Ameno dances. So Amaterasu is like " why isnt it all dark and gloomy" takes a peak outside to see what the hells going on. So she removes the seal of the cave, and Ameno greets her saying theyre all partying for her because shes such a great and beautiful god. They move the mirror over to her, and she walks closer to the mirror to take a look at herself (from what ive heard, some versions of this myth have her think she is looking at an entirely new god, and goes to take a closer look? idk) They grab her once shes far enough from the cave and form a magical barrier forbidding Amaterasu using a rope.

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