"When a child kills an animal for fun, we fear mental illness. When an adult with the capacity to reason does it, we call it 'sport'." -Seth McFarlane

There very much are still places here in the USA that subsistence hunting is a necessity especially during the winter. I am an extreme environmentalist, anti-consumer, vegan (when it is between starving and not starving), car-less, child free but there are times of the year when I am given a piece of a neighbors kill I most certainly take it. I live off the land most times of the year, gathering etc. In the winter this far north there is not a lot of plant life left. I can as much as I can and eat potatoes and root vegetables every day. Eating an animal that lived free and dies quickly is very much better than a factory farm animal. I avoid animal product as much as possible but if you, like me, have cut out most of society it is pretty hard to get the calories needed each day from fruits, vegetables, nuts I can grow and gather myself.

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